TradingView service was launched in 2011 to bring together traders from all over the world in an open area for the exchange of information and investment ideas. As conceived by the developers, the platform was supposed to combine the functions of a trading and analytical platform and enable the traders to quickly communicate with each other. The headquarters of the development team is located in New York, there are offices in Rostov, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, the central European office is located in London. Available in 18 languages. For a Russian-speaking audience, the presence of a version in Russian is a definite plus, but it should be noted right away that the English-language version has the largest audience. Read More

In 2020, only the lazy did not hear about cryptocurrency. Now the market is not in such an active stage as in 2017, but it continues to develop. The number of projects where this technology is applied, and of course the “players”, is increasing. Traders, investors, venture funds are all investing in the cryptocurrency market.

The latter operate with a clear understanding that the direction has great potential. In order not to be an outside observer, but to take an active part, you should first understand what cryptocurrency is, how it works and how exchanges, currency exchanges, and other services function here.

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Foreign exchange rates not only affect your country’s economy, but they also affect ordinary individuals in real life. If you buy a foreign item or travel to other countries, you are part of this massive financial market. Most individuals are affected by exchange rates when they travel. You cannot pay for goods and services in Europe with US dollars. Before traveling to Europe, you must change some of your dollars into euros, or obtain euros once you arrive in Europe.

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If you think you should be trading all your life, you are very wrong. And I am not saying that you do not trade, which is what you are passionate about -like me- but once you get certain benefits, it would be interesting for you to do what I am going to tell you next and I tell you because I learned it from my mentor trading (Jake Bernstein) and other great professionals (like Tom Busby, among others) and it is the following … Read More

I am not going to focus on the technical aspects of trading in this article. I think a lot of people already focus on its mechanism but not on its mental aspect. In my opinion and my experience, it is in the mental part of trading that most people need to work. Indeed, new traders do not use a proper trading strategy, but on the other hand, they do not know how they should think about this business either. Their wrong ideas will keep them in a state where they will lose money. We are going to correct this way of thinking, and thus it’s a way of trading. Read More