Where are the benefits hidden? I think they were hiding somewhere between the 5-minute bar chart and the daily chart. One of the Forex topics I often talk about is why new traders should only trade with longer time frames. I consider a time frame a graph of 4 hours or more. I mainly trade with the daily bar chart because I like to have a wide view of the forex market without the noise of the smaller time frames. It seems to me that this makes my decision process easier. Read More

My goal is to create winning traders. I started to realize this goal when in 2010 I taught my methodology, along with Jake Bernstein, one of the most respected traders in the United States. More than 300 traders were connected in a practical online workshop from various cities around the world. So I don’t want any student. I don’t want you to be my student as long as there is no chance you can complete this activity. Read More

I know that when you see the title of this article you will think: “What a sensational headline”! I can assure you that I am not exaggerating in the least. I promise you that if you read the entire article and meditate on what you are going to read, but above all you take action and implement what I am going to share with you, you will no longer see this headline as an exaggeration. Read More

As traders, we often look for that extra ingredient that we firmly believe that can solve the problems that trading entails and start reaping great benefits in our account. Whether you think there is a magic indicator or some revolutionary insight from an expert on fundamental analysis or economic reporting; There will always be a large number of traders who think that they have not yet found the “master key” to achieve success with their trading.

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I know it may sound cliché, but losing is a fundamental part of winning, especially in trading. If you want to become a truly competent trader who knows how to do this activity to the best of your ability, you must learn to lose along with learning how to trade. I also know that this is not possible a topic you “like” to talk about, and you may not even have the desire to read this article, but I promise you this is a serious mistake. Said clearly and sincerely: you will never become a successful trader if you do not understand the importance of knowing how to lose in the market and how to do it. So, if you are someone looking for a magic trick or a system that allows you to make money “fast” without losses, it may be time to stop reading right now. For the rest who want a chance to make consistent profits in the markets, keep reading … Read More

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